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Wi-Fi menu connections are greyed out. Why?
Asking Advice on Possible Bad Graphics Card (GPU)
Recording Format Pronlem in iTunes
Is it worth it to put a new graphics card in my Mac Pro 4.1?
macintosh hd cannot find -iMac 2011, 21.5"
Buying a 2012 IMAC for music production and video editing
IMac slow after installing ram
2009 Mac Mini memory question.
Upgrading My iMac27 (11,3)
HELP! iMac 27" 2009 has slowed - not useable now!! :(
"The selected movie won't play on your display"
iMac suddenly takes half an hour to turn off!?
previous tabs dont close
transfering photos
full screen open
Error Code 401:Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
My old iMac won't turn on.
dropbox issue
Which drive to choose for new high-spec Mac Mini
IMAC 27 Geek squad says bad logic board
High-speed fan comes on when too cold?
Ubuntu as main OS... How to restore to OSX?
Popups, Firefox & Safari
Boot Drive fails from time to time on G5
Slow iMac - Suspected Board Issue
Photoshop crashing entire OSX system
Dock, icons and login disappeared
Flight Simulator
Corrupted and disappearing files.
Imac (early 2009) shutting down on its own!
Time Machine running exteeeeemly slooooooow
GPU Downgrade / Interchange Info For Mid 2010 iMac 27"?
Problem Finally Solved... Bad RAM
Should I set up a Fusion Drive in my Mac Pro?
Slow macbook pro
Trouble printing envelopes with Word
hard drive icons
What's the most advanced motherboard that someone can build themselves?
How to remove a public computer from my apple account?
DDOS attack
What graphiccard will fit in my start 2008 24" IMac?
Upgrading 2007 iMac
I need to make this Mac
new folders on desktop
Backed up Excel, now can't open
iMac grey screen at start up
Replacement for Appleworks?
MacPro 3,1 and Logic 9.1.8...ok?
Migration Assistant problems
Itunes wont sync
iMac button stopped working .
CS6 Creative Suite on 2008 iMac?
PHOTOS disappeared under MEDIA on iMAC 27" OS X 10.9.5 --why?
Missing Dock Picture Folder / Copied Photos to Desktop
Do you know this about Apple Care?
Files get deleted from external harddrive
Flash player hangs up
Buying a new iMac: Extra Upgrades?
Regular 27inch 3.4GHz vs. the 5k model?
Numbers sorting
Memory for my iMac
cannot unmount external drive to repair
Safari thinks I'm British
Reinstalling Mac OSX On Mid-2011 iMac Problem
external hard drive not showin on iMac desktop
Youtube Sounds
error 5506
How do I get to my Time Machine when it's in the Time Machine backup?
iMac - New User Trying to Move Files in 'Documents'
mac pro restarts randomly, I need help!
Looking at older Mac Pro for iOS Dev, Photoshop, etc.
Two, two, two of all things
SD Card Yosemite new iMac
Network failure today
blank emails
Mac Hard Drive Suddenly full
super weird optical disc problem
Time Capsule
Lost w/ SKYPE
Skype with Yosemite
Diagnostic and Usage Messages
Mac Mini to T.V.
Macbook Pro - speed up
I scanned my iMac with ClamXav...
iMac late 2009 screen issue
Mid-2007 Mac mini fan running fast after adding a hard drive
Partition resize
Why won't this setup work?!?!?!
iPhone Safari/ iMac Chrome Sync
New iMac with Time Capsule
24" 2008 iMac full fan issue...
3 year old 27" Imac
imac on startup
iMac as display
5k iMac owners - Would you mind checking something out?
fake warnings 2
fake warnings
Old G5
Flaky battery meter
My iMac Screen occasionally flickers and dims
Is the 2009 Imac core 2 duo still a usable machine in 2014?
No sound after upgrading RAM
Has anyone here taken apart a Macintosh Plus?
Charging from iMac Retina usb port
"ethernet not connected"
Genieo Innovation
How to keep your Mac running its best for years on end
PowerMac Dual Core 2.3GHz DVI to ADC options
I've been spoofed ...
My Graphics/Video card has burnt out - need help finding a replacement.
function keys
Monitor Connection
Upgrading Early 2009 Mac Mini
widget changes
internet loading issues
Trash to UBS Device
Preventive Maintenance? Replacing Power Supply before it fails?
iMac slowing down lately
yosemite questions
Placing a template over a photo
Getting This Graphic At Start-Up
Mac Calendars
Trade in my 2007 iMac?
2008 Mac Pro 5.25 bay Dual SSD upgrade
upgrade bluetooth 2.1 on imac mid 2011
iMac- how to use Ethernet instead of wifi.
IMac fast after reboot & then slow as molasses
Swapping HDD in 2009 and later iMac? OWC to the rescue!
Hi fan rpm's on iMac
Mac Pro Memory upgrade
Dual Monitors
SATA I / II / III what type of disk to use?
Weird Graphical Glitch – Help!
Changing OEM HD on iMac to SSD
Mac mini 1.4ghz vs core 2 duo mac mini
Buying a new iMac. Need help in configuring it.
Remote login
Wireless config setting keep vanishing - mac mini
replace Hitachi hard-drive
Brand new Mini slow???
Brand new Mini slow???
Unable to see new HDD in disk utility (but I can see old drive when I put it back)
cold weather
my iMac won't shut down an other problems
2008 Mac Pro Dual Quad vs 2011 Mac Mini
Safari can't find server
Sleep Mode and Trackpad / Keyboard Batteries
Questions on CPU/GPU performance and whats best for a buyers needs
iMac opens weird
SSD + HD Partitioning
font size on mac
Black screen no chime
i7 3.0ghz 16 gb ram mac mini performance
Audio Question
Apple TV & iTunes
New Mac Mini, soldered RAM? really?
Trying to add Windows 8 on imac using Boot Camp and CD share
Unknown use of ram slowing down my mac?
Unknown use of ram slowing down my mac?
Time Machine backup to new iMac
A Problem with Fonts on Outgoing Messages
Make my iMac less "crunchy"?
Sync Mail.App with Iphone
imac reboots for no reason
Logix Pro x and 64 Bit audio?
Internal battery?
Citadel Trojan
iMac 20" A1224 Logic Board
hard drives improperly ejected
Safari window in Mavericks repeatedly goes dark
iMac 24" (2008) does not show slot loading ptical drive
install Adobe Photoshop CS4
IPhoto opening error
DVD PAL format
Saving read-write PDFs
Target Display Mode Help
Screen Replacement
iMac G4 - password problem - reinstall Mac OS X
Word on Mac OS X 10.4.11
Mac Mini 2014 - "SNOW" - grafical output troubles
New 21.5" IMAC
deleting/merging "Users"
Calling all G4 Experts!
iMac harddrive suddenly making noise
Time machine not backing up properly
iMac Won't Shutdown
Mac and Photoshop problem
cpu change
Gray screen on iMac running Yosemite
strange window appears on my iMac
Imac Starting To Slow And Increase Hard Drive Paging
garage band doesn't/won't begin recording for a full minute for a full minute
Some questions about upgrading an older Mac Pro
half of disc not being used!
How do I restore recent files after restore from older backup using Time Machine?
Mac going crazy
cleaning my macbook pro
So last night
Optical Fiber LC to new Mac Pro?
How to connect asus monitor to macbook pro
17" 2006 imac logic board replacement
Random Shut Downs!
Imac locked up on me and now it won't start up again!
Mac Pro Startup Disk Problem…Try your luck!!!
iCloud login
Website builder
2008 MacMini to hdmi tv....
Screen Help
Thoughts on Upgrading
Almost startup then black screen.
2010 imac screen black
Iphoto is in the trash
Please help!! Can't reinstall OS X
using server memory in mac pro desktop
Using more than 1 monitor
G5 Won't Power Up - Light Stays On
IMac Yosemite start up
Mr. Publix
Printers for Mac desktop
iMac 4,1 CPU Upgrade; From Core Duo to Core 2 Duo?
iMac upgrade to SSD
deleteing files in the trash
Apple Mac Pro A1186 Power Issue
Safari hijacked
i5 mac mini 2012 or 2014?
Issues with iCal on my iMac OSX 10.6.8
iMac Yosemite Install Issue
cursor movement direction problem with dual monitors
iMac Monitor cleaner?
Safari quit unexpectedly and won't reopen
Aging iMac -can I fix it up or is it time?
more HD space
imac shorting flash drives
Need expert advice - iMac or Mac Pro
Graphics Card Upgrade
Mac Pro Sata/Power Problem?
Hard Drive Problems Mac Pro a1186, Help!
New iMac not what I expected
Contacting apple
Is Apple Ram better than other Ram?
Mac mini 2 ssd upgrade
Imac i5 issues
Mac Mini Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Can't delete file
Sound Hardware on Mac Mini 6,2
Newbie confused by retina iMac desktop resolution
flash drive pictures
Exhaust fan speeds or MB Pro and iMac -- why the difference
Mid 2011 iMac's optical drive seems to be "kaput"..
Transfering data to new computer
Power key often doesn't work
Renaming a Photo in iPhoto
Unable to boot :(
Imac shuts down when it sleeps
flash drive pictures
Transfer of Music
Coda2 v Dreamweaver
Automator or applescript to autofill from contacts?
pro's/con's of Mac Pro 2.66 vs 3.0
Multiple disc permissions in a MacPro
Erase SE-30 HD
Mac pro 5.1 not as speeds as i thought it would be
Itunes problem
Which Mac Mini
Mac Mini and iPhones to escape Sony & Windows?
HELP! DVD drive in Mac not reading discs!
Adding Memory - Apple or non-Apple Certified?
lost response to last question
Checkbook program
Backup programs
2007 iMac internal display compatibility
Miscellaneous Glitches/Setting changes?
Sync MacBook with Mac mini?
Clone recognized in Startup Disk but not Startup Manager
Lower iMac height
Sorting podcast list
older pages documents not opening after upgrading to yosemite
Mac Pro SSD Upgrade
Imac 27" 2013 change of logic board
Home folder and multiple drives?
blocked plug-ins
Why did apple downgrade the new mac mini?
blocked plug-ins
Mac Pro Help
iMac (27-inch, Late 2012) Ivy Bridge support DDR3L 1.35v RAM
Repairing an iMac Video Card
Backup Software & Strategy
SSD vs Fusion Drive
How do I connect PC G4 Display only to a Mac Mini
Booting with external HD to run Windows
Flash Player download problem
Need helpppppp pleaseeeeeee
iMac monitor problem
Mail "Delete" button not working
iMac G4 15 inch floating screen won't boot
Re-installing logic pro 8
Upgraded 2013 iMac - Premiere Keeps Crashing, Why?
System Preferences cannot be seen?
New 2014 Mac Mini or 2012 i7 Quad used ?
Yosemite and screen saver
Authorizing iTunes on a new Mac
best email host
Page, Mountain Lion
Carbon Copy Cloner and Yosemite
HDD upgrade on iMac 21 1/2
RAM Stick Juggle,
New iMac help
2007 MacPro Upgrade Options
Time Machine
Pro Tools Problem
Imac 5,2 SLOW with Snow Leopard
iMac or Macbook Pro?
Dock and task bar disappearing from screen.
Wired keyboard randomly losing communication with iMac
iMac Desktop Hard Drive Increased Access
Adding RAM to my ageing imac
iMac 5k Retina
iMac vs. Mac Pro
Photographer Desktop Upgrade
"This fell off my mac mini" question lost its contents?
Blank screen
This fell off my mac mini; is it important?
Mac pro fan problems?
Exterior Hard Drive
Remote Access Help
Mac Classic
advice on saving emails
iMac (24" Early 2008) Hard Drive troubleshooting help
Roland D5 MIDI Connection?
Buying new Mac Pro!!
Boot from CD Blue and White G3
best place to buy / trade in
Yosemite, emails and the address book
iMac 27", 2010, motherboard failure
iMac is sooooo slow!!
Broadwell worth waiting for on the new retina iMac?
cards for membership
iMac monitor goes dark; 2nd monitor ok
No spell checker after Yosemite upgrade
iMac (Mid 2011) and Kingston HyperX FURY
Ehd full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iTunes auto update 12.0.1
Mac pro ugrading system
I Tunes-Could someone tell me how to change the iTunes icon back to Blue! Thanks Bob
Login on not visible on second connected screen
27" retina IMac 2GB VS 4GB graphic cards
My first Apple - Mac Pro 1.1 - sensible upgrades?
Converting to SSD
iMac 2013 help
Hardware test
My PowerMac G5 is stuck on the desktop screen when booting up.
Fan running in my iMac
No BluRay/DVD player with New IMac or MacbookPro
New Mac Mini No Upgradable Ram
iMac grey screen crisis, is the hard drive dead or corrupt?
USB Ports Don't Work
Mac OS X open pdf file
Mac Mini updated?
MAC PRO 2008 Temperatures
chianti new zealand
Mac Pro 2.1 PSU compatibility
"The Next Web" banner popups!
Refurbished Computer
Older Mac Pro Questions
Remove old iAntiVirus (Symantec) program
Screensaver not starting/working intermittently OSX 10.5.9
assistance dock
Help! Vertical Red line on iMac display
Can't open folders on iMac
My computer died this morning - Any idea what it can be?
Unrequested Shared Computers
Mac Pro won't boot
Compare Macair 2013 to IMac 2014
Receiving mail on Mac Mail
iMac not powering up and shutting down
pop-up ads
24" iMac 2.8 cpu fan full blast then shut down
Selling my iMac - transferring data
apps/programmes lost
Should I switch from Mac Mini to used Mac Pro
iMac 2010 won't recognize my firewire devices
Should I add RAM, or just buy a new iMac?
Mac under $1,300 for Video Editing
help for another computer that lags a bit more than it used to
imac problem
Migration Assistant from PC to iMac
Recording Video from Mac
Imac or mac mini for my workz.
Word 2008 for mac
iMAC G5 A1076 Reset Password
Mac and Internet
Dual monitors question
Excel Workbook Gallery - Can't delete files
transfer video
Master Password message
Thunderbolt ports not working on late-2012 iMac 27"
Continuous Beep at startup
Saving data in Disk Recovery mode..
Mac Pro Graphics Upgrade
Floppy Drive for a Mac Mini Core2Duo 2.4
mac os sreen
iMac Bootcamp
Mac Mini compatible display w/webcam built-in
Quicken question
Lost external hard drive
I need help with cloning my Macbook Pro with Stellar Drive Clone...
OS9 on G4 Won't Mouse Click
iMac stuck on gray screen at start up
Uploading photos to Facebook
"apple computer inc."
Unresponsive hard drives
How to set up and auto-mirror a networked drive?
SD Card - cannot write to
Help needed for installing SSD in Mac Pro 2009
imovie trouble
Mac Mini search not working…???
Problems of disappearing data on iMac.
Need a recommendation (or several)
Desk Mount/Arm Recommendations for 27" iMac?
iTunes WiFi sync
No cd drive
Not sure where to post this.
Error code 8003
External Graphics Card
Need reformat without CD/DVD drive
Powermac G4 Firmware Won't Upgrade
How do I burn a FCP project to dvd new imac -w no idvd or built in optical drive??
Powermac G5 Price
27" iMac - Target Display Mode
Is my machine Quad Core
Mini disc I gotU
Calendar template
Moving OS and programs to a SSD on a MacPro (early 2009)
iMac and Windows gaming pc thunderbolt
Thunderbird email - Font size changs on its own as I type
Flash Drive
G5 hard drive?
Location of copies
What do or would you do with really old Macs?
iMac boot problem
Safari Bookmarks/Favorites Disappearing
updating very oldexcel files
Removing an item from the sidebar
boot up taking too long
iMac not connecting to any wireless network
icalendar help
Adobe Flashplayer and Mac OS X version 10.6.8
Old iMac blueberry
System Extension cannot be used
Can't Transfer Files to Another Mac via Home Network
SMTP Server "" rejected the password
2011 IMAC 21.5 - No Power and Diagnostic LED #4 Briefly Lights Up
Desktop Advice
Possible PHISHING attempt on Apple ID users
Broken Screen - Suggestions?
OS X operating system
disappearing email - temporarily
2013 21.5 IMac Screen Broken
Graphics card compatibility with Mac Pro
importing and retaining the file formats in iphoto
Keyboard Broken / Can't Login off Sleep Screen
a through h on keyboard not working, HELP!
24" iMac screen replacement
Mac Mini Detached Antenna
power mac with no HD
iMAC DVD Drive doesn't play Movies
Problems with graphics card - Advice 2010 27inch iMac 5750 card
iMac very slow
macKeeper how to get rid of it
Help With Running A Windows Program Through Boot Camp
Turn off horizontal scrolling on Magic Mouse
How Do the PCI slots in Power Mac G4 MDD 2x 1.25Mhz work?
Mac Mini HDTV resolution issues
Has anyone used Clamxav for checking files.
mac speed up
Late 2006 iMac - rescued from electric waste
locking up
Freeing up storage space on Hard drive and backup
Anyone decipher this crash report?
Moving files to external drive not creating hard disk space
Trying To Clean Inside My MacPro
iMac won't boot up
server RAM vs regular RAM
"Play" guitar on Mac mini?
Screen sharing or Remote desktop to Mac across the country
How to get SATA 3 working on a PowerMac G5
What system specs needed to run Logic Pro X & Final Cut Pro
problem with my imac
popup blocker
Cloning Mac to TV screen
Cannot power on iMac after power outage
Moving Contacts
Only way to shut down iMac is power button