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    Question Ipod 5th gen Disk mode
    I am in disk mode and I dont know how to get out of it the screen says
    "Disk mode" and then a "check- OK to disconnect" It doesn't seem to want to do anything else. Any suggestions?

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    this exact thing happened to me last night, i wanted to use my ipod to relax before i went to sleep because i don't like going to sleep stressed out over school and relatioships and other stuff.. so I grab my ipod and its in disk mode.. i tried plugging it into my computer and it did not work.. so i tried plugging it into my laptop and still nothing.. so I held down play and the center button.. still nothing... i did get a solution though.. after 10 minutes of doing everything i know with the ipod..

    solution: hold the center button and the menu button.. it goes back into normal mode.
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    Ha... awesome thank you so much i was screwing around with it for like 30 minutes... works perfectly thanks a ton i thought i was gonna have to get another ipod.

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    All you have to do is reset it which is what PowerBookG4 said, hold down center and menu.

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