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    Is there any way to....

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    Question Is there any way to....
    I have an iPod Classic but use a PC (not a Mac). I recently lost my hard drive and have had it replaced but unfortunately lost all my photos for the last six months (was about to back up, honest). Anyway, I noticed I have alot of these photos on my iPod and wondered if there is anyway I can transfer them from there onto my new hard drive. I daren't update my iPod with my iTunes as I am scared of losing the photos completely. Any ideas please...

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    Is there any way to....

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    My pc crashed and i had it recently repaired, and ive reinstalled itunes, but the itunes library with all my songs in it has been erased so when i plug my ipod into itunes, it asks me if i want to format/wipe my ipod so it works with the new itunes.. how can i put all my songs back into the itunes library and how can i prevent my ipod audio content from being erased to make it work with the new itunes program ?

    Im new to this forum, not sure how to post a question .

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    Is there any way to....
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    Haven't used PodView, but I really like iPodDisk.
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    Is there any way to....

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    This works on my 3rd gen iPod, it might work for yours ...

    If you just tell Windows to show hidden files (Tools > Folder Options > View), you can view all the files on the iPod when it shows up as a drive in My Computer.

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