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    problem activating iphone
    just thought i would share. I got my iphone last night at about 11pm. Got home and did the itunes activation. It said it usually takes about 3 mins.. LOL!!! 3mins? for me it has taken 20+ hours, and i have yet to be able to use my iPhone AT ALL!!

    I called att last night and that was no help, they just told me it takes some time. I called them this morning, she said it can take 24 hours. I call back, and get transfered 3-4 times and they figure out there was some type of problem. They get the phone activated... ON THEIR END. That was at 2pm PST today. I call back and say it has yet to start working on my end, and they tell me it could take another 24 hours... THIS SUCKS!

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    There have been other reports of people having difficulty activating (I got my phone at 3 this afternoon and was through the registration and activation in less than 2 minutes). Haven't found any surefire solutions to it yet
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