Hey everybody,

Hoping someone can help me out here.
I have a customer with an iPhone 7 that won't see any wifi and the bluetooth doesn't want to see anything either, he doesn't remember dropping it or anything. Customer has already done a factory reset and set it up as a new phone, with no luck
I can't remember which model it was that I did before (something tells me it was a 5 or a 6), but if I am remembering correctly the wifi adapter and bluetooth were all apart of the same piece. So far on researching this phone I've found there are 2 wifi parts in this phone, one is a simple wifi antenna (iFixit has it labelled as WIFI diversity cable) and another one call the Wifi Antenna Signal flex cable. Which I can't seem to find a replacement guide for let alone where in the phone it goes.

Does anyone know if either one of these parts contain the bluetooth radio or antenna? Does anyone know where this flax cable goes to?