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    256GB iPad Pro and ____ GB iPhone 7 plus?
    Hi, I've been a long time android user but I'm considering on switching to iOS. I received a iPad Pro as a gift and am thinking of getting an iPhone 7 plus. If I already have a 256GB iPad is it smarter if I save $100 and get a 32GB iPhone or simply go for 128GB? I have a lot of pictures that need to be stored and plan on continuing to take more. I also want to do a lot of video filming. I find it easier and less awkward to do all of these with a phone than with my iPad (but I still love my iPad for reading and sketching). I'm just starting to familiarize myself with iCloud as far storing pictured and other files.

    Please give me your advice on what storage option I should go for the iPhone 7 Plus and also how I can use the large space I already have on the iPad.

    Thank you!

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    A warm welcome to Mac-Forums.

    I'll only say this: in today's culture, 32GB of storage (minus the iPhone's OS) leaves precious little room for apps (and especially their associated data), photos, music, notes and the rest.

    You say you enjoy photography and plan on taking more photos and you also want "to do a lot of video filming".

    In my view, 32GB is way too small.

    You are right to look very carefully at the iCloud storage options. For what you plan, you will need to purchase extra storage over and above the free 5GB (or whatever) that Apple offers.

    This becomes all the more critical if you want to retain original-resolution photos & videos in iCloud. And you can retain a lot more than that in iCloud - Documents, Contacts, Calendars and so on.

    This Link may help you get to grips with iCloud Storage:


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    As long as you sync the phone photos to the ipad regularly, and afterwards delete from phone, the 32gb storage option could be enough. I currently have 30,000 images on my MBP and have chosen to back up to an external hard drive rather than pay more money to Apple every month for extra cloud storage. If you want to economise, what about the 7, with bigger storage, rather than the 7+ ?

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