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    Ipad celluar and use of a sim card from USB dongle
    Evening All,

    Is it possible to use any UK USB dongle sim card in a cellular enabled Ipad?

    I have a friend who wants to continue using their dongle for internet access but would like to use an Ipad with it. If the above is not possible does anyone have any suggestions.

    Many thanks


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    I'm not familiar with UK USB dongles, however, here in the states a sim card from a dongle will not work in a cellular iPad or an iPhone. Even if the sim card was of the correct size, it would be detected by the carrier and rejected. I'm fairly certain that UK carriers would also reject the sim card. I suppose it's possible to call one's carrier and ask if it's possible to activate the sim card for use in the iPad. Advise him/her to call their carrier and ask.

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