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    computer illiterate person has an iPhone 4S question

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    computer illiterate person has an iPhone 4S question
    I am computer stupid. Cannot deny it. I have a 6 year old MAC OS X computer with iTunes 11.0.2. Several people in the house use the iTunes account. My daughter, my husband and I. We have a great collection of CDs and purchased songs. I don't know now from where they come from. I recently bought an iPhone 4s and want to transfer my running mix into my phone but I do not know how. Do I just plug my iphone to the computer? Can I get instructions, clear instructions, for a person that is quite stupid in computers. FYI, my daughter is now in college and my husband is just as stupid as I am.

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    computer illiterate person has an iPhone 4S question
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    This should help. Ignore the fact that it says that it's for iTunes for Windows - it's the same for OS X (they even use OS X screenshots in parts of the article).
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