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    Will the iPhone 5 differ vastly from 4s?
    Im new to iPhones and I got a 4s a few days ago

    I am a bit worried now

    Since the 4s was released only last november Do you think the iPhone 5 will have a VAST advance in technology and features or will it be a slight advancement

    In short do you think the iPhone 5 will make my 4s look "stone age"

    I am not talking about camera or internal advancements like speed

    Just talking about advancement that will be noticeable to the casual customer

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    Technology and the speed it moves is unpredictable at best.

    No one out there speculating on the internet can give you an accurate answer to your question.

    All you can do is make an informed decision. Does the current iPhone do everything you want it to do? If so enjoy it now.

    If you know of a hardware feature that's must for you that the 4s doesn't have and that'll ruin your experience if you don't have it then return the 4s and sit back with a.n.other phone until the 5 comes out and hope it has that killer feature.

    In real terms an iPhone 5 is very unlikely to make your 4s look stone age. It's not what has happened in the iPhone lifecycle this far. Sure, it may look different, have a faster processor, different size screen maybe, NFC, microwave oven and molecular teleport but if you're happy with your 4s now I wouldn't worry
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    All I can say is, when the iPhone 5 comes out, compare it side by side to a 4s. If there isn't much of a difference between the two, go for the 4s since it will be cheaper in price by then.
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    Regardless of whether or not the next iPhone is magnitudes better, that doesn't make your current iPhone any worse. Just enjoy the phone you have now.
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    I am never right with my guesses but I just hope it has a faster processor, more hard drive space, and more smoothness with iCloud

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    I haven't seen any indication of any technology that would go into the next iPhone that would make it significantly different than the current one (except one of course: LTE).

    The camera is as good as its gonna get for a while, the screen is as good as its gonna get for a while, I don't predict any increase in storage size, I don't think Apple will abandon the basic "external antenna" design ... the main improvements to my mind are likely to come from software.

    This is all idle speculation of course, nobody actually knows at all. At a guess I'd say we have until at least September before we find out.

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    An iPhone is always an iPhone

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    iPhone updates tend to go tick tock with the ticks being external changes and the tocks being internal improvements. This isn't 100% true across the board, but in general that's the priority for each phone update.

    Based on that I expect the new iPhone to look fairly different on the outside (which includes things like screen size) but to likely have a similar processor and whatnot inside.

    So it really depends on what you care more about. Based on your post it sounds like you may be pretty excited by the next iPhone.

    But in the end, these are all just guesses. You should absolutely just enjoy the iPhone you have today for what it is and not worry so much about what-ifs or maybes.

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