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    Clear Coat and Noise Cancelling Mic

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    Aug 12, 2010
    Clear Coat and Noise Cancelling Mic
    I'm getting a Clear Coat full body protector for the iPhone 4, but I noticed that it doesn't have a little hole for the noise cancelling mic. If it covers it up does it stop it from functioning properly? Should I poke a hole in the clear coat or will it work fine covered up? Thanks.

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    Clear Coat and Noise Cancelling Mic

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    Jul 09, 2010
    Who makes that protector? I have the Zagg full body and it does not cover the top mic.

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    Clear Coat and Noise Cancelling Mic
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    If worse comes to worst, I'm sure you could just poke a hole in it.

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    Clear Coat and Noise Cancelling Mic
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    Just be careful not to poke too hard. You wouldn't want to be that guy who jammed a paperclip in there thinking it was the hole for the SIM card tray

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