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    AppleCare for the iPhone
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    AppleCare for the iPhone
    I just bought an iPhone. Should I buy AppleCare to add a year to the 1-year warranty or has it not had many problems I'd need that for? TIA.

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    AppleCare for the iPhone
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    I will get it just for the fact I wanted covered for the 2 year contract with AT&T.

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    AppleCare for the iPhone
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    I would get it dude, it's cheap, and believe me, Apple will replace whatever needs within the time. If it's available in the UK, I would have got it without a second thought. But sadly, it is not!!! The staff in Apple was very honest with me, if my iphone goes wrong (finger crossed it won't) after the first 12 months, then I could only cry, cry and cry!!!

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