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Thread: leaving ipad plugged in all day

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    leaving ipad plugged in all day
    Does leaving your ipad plugged in all day, 24/7 harm the battery or does the ipad know to basically charge the battery to full and then once the battery is full, divert power to power the ipad directly instead of charging the ipad all of the time to maintain it at 100%?

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    Correct, it's the latter. Once fully charged, the iPad will run purely on mains power and not draw any battery power. However, doing this to a very long period of time will cause the battery to potentially get lethargic and might not hold a charge. Batteries like to be exercised.

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    Does leaving your ipad plugged in all day, 24/7 harm the battery

    There was quite an excellent article on this quite recently, but for a MacBook battery, but I can't find it.

    But there are all kids of theories and suggestion on the 'net just using your subject heading:

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