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    Fickle Display
    Hey all, first time working on an iPad, though been in tech field for some time now. Before I go tearing into this thing, could I get some basic troubleshooting tips? The screen only recently presented a charging icon followed shortly after with what I assume is the lock screen. Pictures of the only actual display I've gotten below.

    Previously (only had this 2 days) the screen showed a faint line on the right side of LCD with no picture at all. Friend claims it was dropped in water... No visible signs of such nor signs of a drop from the hands. I assume a loose connection or a bad digitizer? I can reboot via the home, volume, power button though. So there's that, which is nice I suppose. Any help would greatly appreciated!

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    Check out, for repair guides, Find your model to see what options are available.
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    Been there, tried it. No help whatsoever.

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    Sure looks like both water damage and shock (from the drop). Even if you replace the digitizer or the screen itself, there could be other problems. Just make sure the cost of repairs does not exceeed what the iPad Pro is worth. Which by the way, you did not mention model or year for the iPad.

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    I'm serious when I say this but, really? How can you tell? My first thought would be loose connection. My bad, I got caught up in posting somewhere I thought if never need to be. It's a 2017 I believe, A1652. You're absolutely right about the price to fix, each major oem part for this thing is 1/3 of the original cost! I didn't dig deep though in my defense.
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