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    Oct 04, 2017
    i bought my first a good deal on the 'new' 2017 ipad...
    but when i went into a local best buy and compared it to an ipad pro (even last yrs) the lack
    of anti glare was a killer for am selling it...just bought
    an ipad 9.7 128gb in great condition....i was also considering
    the new 10.5 but refresh rate / faster chip and such makes little diff
    to me as i just use it for casual browsing, reading, youtube etc.

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    Dec 02, 2017
    Iím unsure of what $699 US dollars would equate to in your currency but I was able to catch a flash sale on amazon recently for a new iPad. I wanted one that supported the Apple Pencil and that was also cellular. So those two things I required definitely put the new iPad Pro 10.5 out of my range as far as my budget for one but the iPad Pro 9.7 is still a very very good iPad as it was just recently discontinued on apples site. It has plenty of power. Lots of features. Itís 9.7 so itís very easy to port around everywhere with you. Plus it supports the Apple Pencil.

    So I jumped on amazon and thought Iíd check and see how much the iPad Pro 9.7 was in cellular and I actually caught it on sale at that time and was able to get a 256g cellular iPad Pro 9.7 for a total of $699 US dollars. Iím not sure if this is over your budget or not because Iím unsure of the exchange rate or different currencies.

    If I had bought the same exact model from Apple that I got which was a 256g with cellular version I would have ended up paying $1029 US dollars so I ended up saving almost half of what it would regularly cost. Iíd keep an eye out for one on amazon or their amazon warehouse deals where basically itís just an open box tbat someone returned and they discount it heavily.

    The other option is to check B&H out and when you click on the iPad it will have a link to what they call their used selection which they use.a grading scale from 1 to 10 and OB as open box being the very best and Iíve bought things from them that had a 9 grading scale for great discounts before and even at a 9 grading it still was brand new and cane in the original box with all the contents included.

    Right now the best iPad you can get for the money is the iPad Pro 9.7 as itís a powerhouse device and I plan to use mine for years to come because for all intensive purposes, itís still a very relevant and current Apple device. The only reason they stopped selling it was because it would have hurt the sales of the current iPad Pro 10.5 because they are so similar spec wise.

    If you shop around you can find a iPad Pro 9.7 for about 50 percent off the retail price which is a steal for that iPad. Hope this helps.

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