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    Question How to fix Apple ID wrong password
    Hi guys! I have a problem with the iPad 4, he wrote a wrong password from the Apple Id. Who knows how to solve this problem without repairing Apple was going because I do not know your email and password on it. Please help me.

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    Hi VMG_

    Welcome to our Forums. Merry Christmas.

    Whilst having great sympathy with your problem, it doesn't help to post the exact same message on two different Forum Threads, in separate categories, a few minutes apart.

    Can you be be a little clearer about things? You have an iPad 4. Then you talk about "he" wrote the wrong PW. Is the iPad 4 yours? And are you actually discussing an Apple ID or the Passcode to unlock the iPad?

    You don't need the Apple ID for unlocking the iPad, only the Passcode.

    And I don't follow your comments about email and password - is that the Apple ID problem? People can forget their PW but hardly their email address. You can reset your PW but you do need your email address.

    So, you would you be kind enough to start over and clarify things for us, please?


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    Have a look at this page for resetting your AppleID password.

    As Ian points out, we cannot really help without clarification of the exact problem.
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