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    new iPad on the horizon or maybe not...
    My current iPad is starting to show its age, I assume, as apps take longer to startup. There are things I really love about the IOS device, while at times I wish I was working on a MacBook. I am pretty sure, however, that I will upgrade to a newer iPad, but there is one thing that I question right now. The last time I was in an Apple Store, I spoke to a sales person about the new bigger ipad pro and the attachable keyboard. For those who know--will, when using that keyboard, the onscreen keyboard be disconnected, so to speak? I find it so annoying to contact have to hide the on screen board when using my existing iPad.

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    I haven't used an external keyboard on my iPad 2 for some time so I could be out of date, but assuming nothing has changed, the on-screen keyboard should not show up at all when the BT keyboard is connected.

    I was using the Apple BT keyboard.
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    I agree with Kevin. Even with my older iPad 3, when I attach my BT keyboard the on screen keyboard goes away. (My keyboard is a 3rd party device not Apple.)

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    Well, just for more confirmation, I've had the Apple BT keyboard since 2011 - used initially on an iPad 2, now on an iPad Air 2 - when the KB pairs w/ the iPad, the on-screen KB disappears - just used it a few weeks ago on a trip. Now a tip - make sure that there are no other iDevices already paired, if so the the on-screen KB will pop up - has happened to me a few times in a hotel room where I just could not use the combo until I realized that my wife's iPad Mini was already paired to the KB - once understood, then not a problem - Dave
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