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    Backup power source

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    Backup power source
    I'm hoping for recommendations for a (cheap) backup power source that can be used on iPhone and iPad, got a flight to oz coming up.


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    Backup power source
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    Define cheap? iPad is a little harder as it draws more power. The Zagg Sparq has worked well for me - but at $99 not many would call it cheap.
    phone Charger | iPhone Charger | iPad Charger | Portable Battery Charger | ZAGGsparq | ZAGG
    Works for both the iPad and iPhone. Doubles the life of the iPad.
    Bottom has comparison to competitors.

    There is hypershop - used to be hypermac - they make backup batteries as well.
    HyperJuice Micro 3600mAh Battery Pack for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and USB-powered devices
    Again - not necessarily cheap - but without a budget I don't know what you are willing to spend.

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    Backup power source
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    Quote Originally Posted by gsaps View Post
    I'm hoping for recommendations for a (cheap) backup power source that can be used on iPhone and iPad, got a flight to oz coming up.

    Welcome to our great land. Just hope you are not flying Qantas lol

    Sorry cant help with the power source

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    Backup power source

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    Since iPhone consumes more battery it is advisable to buy an additional battery or a portable mobile charger, which can be used in flight.
    backup power

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