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    Payment Processing Using PaymentExpress GateWay in iphone

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    Oct 01, 2012
    Payment Processing Using PaymentExpress GateWay in iphone

    When i accessing PaymentExpress GateWay webservices.
    I get following response
    <Transaction success="0" reco="U5" responseText="Declined" pxTxn="True">
    like that.

    When i send response Body as follows

    // "<EnableDuplicateCheck>0</EnableDuplicateCheck>\n"
    "<MerchantReference>Test Transaction</MerchantReference>\n"

    Can you please tell me ,Why it happens?
    Its Very Urgent.....Please....


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    Payment Processing Using PaymentExpress GateWay in iphone
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    Your question is related to PaymentExpress's services, this general iOS developer forum will unlikely give the awnsers you want, I suggext using PaymentExpress's technical help page.

    Payment Express - EFTPOS | Payment Gateway | Online Credit & Debit Card Processing - DPS


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