I recently tried using itunes match, but it was way too much hassle as I have such a variety of self made tracks for various projects, and after hours of trying to make it work I gave up and cancelled it and got a refund from Apple. Now I would like to create a home server that 3 family members can use. Can I do this by using an external HD for the main library which I then backup with another external HD using CCC, and then this can be accessed through sharing on my wife's laptop? If so, can she download tracks onto an iphone this way? AM I setting us up for streaming headaches by doing this, and would it be better if we all connected our media through my laptop? I'm not sure about having 3 different iphones using and backing up to the same itunes account, but if we have 3 separate accounts on the same laptop the library does not cross over and would need to be accessed through "sharing" anyway I would think, although it's on the same machine so maybe it works differently, or at least better?