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Thread: I notice when I delete photo off of phone it gets deleted from iCloud photos

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    I notice when I delete photo off of phone it gets deleted from iCloud photos
    I have a lot to learn with using the iPhone. I always had an Android that I backed up my images to my Gmail Photos library.

    Is the photos app on my iPhone the same thing as the photos app in iCloud? Because I noticed when I delete an image from my Photos library on my IOS iPhone it gets deleted in my iCloud Photos library. If so, this is different then the way I always worked. If this is so, that means what I see in the Photos library on my iPhone is not taking up space on my iPhone. Please correct me if I am wrong about this.

    Any suggestions on video tutorials for the iPhone 8?

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    Hi and welcome.

    Let me, if you will, tell you how I have my devices set up in the hope that this will assist you.

    On an iDevice if you open the Photos app, you will see "Albums". Two of these are fixed, others can be added by you or are added as a consequence of your taking pictures.

    The fixed Albums are: "Camera Roll" and "My Photo Stream"

    A photo goes into "Camera Roll" only on the iDevice on which you took the picture. It will also go into "My Photo Stream" on that device and all other iDevices that are linked to your Apple ID and synced thus.

    Example: if you have an iPhone and an iPad and take a picture on the iPhone, that picture will appear in "Camera Roll" only on the iPhone and in "My Photo stream" on both.

    If you have a Mac, the pictures in "My Photo Stream" will auto sync with Photos app on the Mac.

    Once on the Mac (either by syncing as above, or via USB cable), they will remain there till you delete them.

    But if you delete pictures from "My Photo Stream" on either the iPhone or iPad, they will be removed from both. But nothing changes in "Camera Roll" be it on the iPhone or iPad; and nothing changes on the Mac.

    Now to achieve what I think you are after, these are the settings:

    1. On all iDevices, go into Settings > Photos and do the following - Turn off iCloud Photo Library. Turn on, My Photo Stream. (Any other settings are up to you and don't affect the issues at hand).

    2. On your Mac, open the Photos app, then > Preferences > iCloud. Turn on iPhoto Library AND My Photo Stream. (The option to Download Originals OR Optimise Mac Storage is up to you).

    So now, all pictures taken by an iDevice go to your Mac (Automatic sync or USB cable) - and from the Mac, they are stored in iCloud.

    Hopefully, this explains things and, at the same time, fulfils your needs.

    If not - ask away. Only to glad to help.


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