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Thread: Where did gif motion stickers go

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    Where did gif motion stickers go
    On latest and previous update on iPad and iPhone this moving gif stickies are not there when creating iMessage.
    eg: judge Judy, flying bluebird, barking dog etc.

    Where did they go?
    Anyone know?

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    Hi Lori

    I think this is what you're after.

    Open Messages on your iPhone. To the left of the message box are 2 icons. One looks like a camera, the one to the right of it is a blue circle with an A in it. Tap on that.

    Now look at the very bottom of the screen. The blue circle A is to the far left, then to the right of it is an emoji icon. Tap on that and all the options appear.

    I understand that these are not limited to iMessages but to all messages - I think.

    PS If you just wanted static emojis, you would ignore the blue circle A and, instead, tap on the smiley icon, bottom left.


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