My wife has bequeathed me her old iPad Mini, now replaced with the current model. I have cleaned it up, reinstalled iOS 9.3.5 which is as far as I can go.
Really it's pretty good just using native apps and I love the huge keyboard for typing as I am doing now with two fingers.
I am open to any ideas from people who have one of these great little devices, now limited to old 23bit apps. When I look to download almost any app I'm told I need to download an earlier version, if there is one.
I'm quite fond of this little device but it is quite limited. I have looked at the possibility of jail breaking it but can see no real advantages and the only jailbreak apps I can see are only semi bound options. That means any time I switch it off I would have to jailbreak it again. Is there a way I can go back to an earlier iOS like 9.3.3 and would it be worth it anyway?
Really I'm just asking for ideas