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Thread: Did anyone notice the iPhone ad ringtone doesn't exist?

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    Jan 11, 2018
    Did anyone notice the iPhone ad ringtone doesn't exist?
    I was playing around with the ringtone settings and i just couldnt find the standard 'ring' (not that I want it). go and watch an iPhone commercial on youtube, and towards the end of the ad it ringed like a normal phone, and of course, it's not available in the iPhone.

    Apple's making fake ads hey? LOL just kidding.

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    It's there. It's called "Old Phone" and you will find it under Settings, Sounds & Haptics, Classic, Ring Tone. I have mine set for the old phone sound.

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    Use it as my alarm every morning. Seems to be one of the few alarm/rigntones that jars me awake in the morning.

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