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    IOS update to ipad Mini 2 yes or no?
    The update to IOS9 on my iPad2 was probably the worse move ever given that it became very unresponsive and keeps dropping the, very strong, WiFi connection, a situation barely changed as later releases have been issued I'm wondering whether the same would be true for my ipad Mini2. It's presently at 8.4.1 and works like a dream. Apple keep inundating me with messages to update but am I wise to ignore these 'requests'? I would be interested to hear others experiences of IOS9 on their iPad mini2.
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    We don't have an iPad Mini 2, but we have an iPad 2 that our daughter uses, the only issue is slowness compared to newer devices, which is to be expected. I like and prefer updating the iOS of devices and OS X on my mac, mostly to have the best experience with all of my devices. We have 2 iPhone 6's, an iPad Pro 12.9", an iPad Air and the iPad 2 and they are all functioning fine with iOS 9.3.2.
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    I have an iPad mini 2 running iOS 9.3.2. I have not had any issues and it runs as fast as it always has. I have the 64GB model with wifi and cellular - although I don't use it as wifi is always available. The only issue I could see is if the ipad's ssd storage is getting full. A friend of mine bought the newest iPad mini 4 64GB model as he ran out of room on his previous iPad mini which had 16GB. He had trouble updating the older one and wanted the faster processor. And yes the iPad 4 is faster but I don't see that big of a difference that it would push me to get the newer model.

    So I don't see any problem with updating. I would back it up on a computer using iTunes first though.

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