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    Sync Apps from iTunes to iPhone without losing existing iPhone apps?

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    Sync Apps from iTunes to iPhone without losing existing iPhone apps?
    I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, but I do have a problem and here it is:

    I have the current version of iTunes and the current software for my iPhone 3G and use a Macbook Pro. I downloaded the Google+ app from the App Store in iTunes since I can't find it in the App Store on my phone. I synced my iPhone to iTunes, but the Google+ app didn't transfer. So with my phone plugged in, I went to the device in iTunes and clicked on the Apps tab. It gives me an option to sync two new apps, but when I check the box to do so, I get this message: "Are you sure you want to sync apps? All existing apps and their data on the iPhone “Katie's iPhone” will be replaced with apps from this iTunes library."

    I only have two apps in my iTunes library, and do NOT want to lose all the apps I've downloaded onto my phone. How do I get the apps from iTunes to my iPhone without deleting all my current apps?

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    Sync Apps from iTunes to iPhone without losing existing iPhone apps?
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    Are you syncing to a different computer?

    You could always try File -> transfer purchases from iPhone. That should put your iPhone apps onto iTunes - then you could sync everything back plus the google app.

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