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    Oct 11, 2008
    Applications won't start on iPhone
    I'm pretty sure this is a commun prob with iPhone but when I click on all apps it won't start,it crashes autom.. Any solution??

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    This includes the default apps that come with the iPhone or third-party apps you've installed? Which version of the OS and iPhone? Have you tried to do a restore?


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    I had that problem with mine.

    A simple shutdown and restart will solve your problems...

    (Atleast it did for me, all Apple apps worked, but 3rd party ones would crash instantly)

    Let me know if that works - or if you've tried that.

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    I had the same problem after updating to 3.1.1 on my ipod touch. I did countless restarts but nothing. I had to restore my device, twice to get my 3rd party apps working again.

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