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    dlink dir-655 or aebs

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    Question dlink dir-655 or aebs
    I'm still haiving troubles with slow wireless and am looking into a new router. My current setup is a att router modem 2wire 2701hg-b. I was looking at the apple aebs or the dlink dir-655. The dlink has some great reviews and is 50 bucks cheaper, but if the apple will work better im willing to put out the money. Both draft n with gige connections but tthe aebs have a usable usb port.Any one have any recs. I will be using a 17 MBP 2.4.

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    dlink dir-655 or aebs
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    I have the DIR-655 and it's a great router. However, the AEBS is also a really good router.

    There are three main differences between the two. Two of which you have already pointed out, the DIR-655 having Gigabit ports and the AEBS having a functional USB port. The third difference is the number of Ethernet ports. The DIR-655 has four, whereas the AEBS has three.

    Since I personally had no use for the USB port, I went with the DIR-655 simply because it was cheaper and I have never regretted this purchase. It completely blows away my previous 802.11g router in terms of speed and range. All of my dead spots are now gone and all of the Macs in my house just scream when downloading or transferring files.

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