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Thread: Bluetooth and DECT house phone?

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    Bluetooth and DECT house phone?
    I have been playing around with our Siemens Gigaset DECT house phone this morning and I have realised that I can connect it to more than the bluetooth headset I use when making long-ish calls. I have now connected it to our MacBook Pro.

    Now comes the confusion? What can I do with it now it is connected? I am a total thickie when it comes to things like this, but I haven't found out what it does apart from show the MBP on a list on the phone?
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    Now comes the confusion? What can I do with it now it is connected?

    Probably not much considering it's just a bluetooth device to work with the cordless phone that it and probably your Mac sees.

    Is it showing up on your Mac as well? No doubt it is. After all it is a Bluetooth device.

    You could use the BT headset to listen to music from you Mac or with Skype or other voice supported calls but not at the same time if your phone is using it, or trying to.

    - Patrick
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