My internet connection comes in at point A in my house. At point A I have a Fritz!box wireless router, and hanging off the Ethernet ports an Airport Time Capsule for backup—it works best connected directly to the router—and an Apple airport express to drive some speakers. At point, connected by wireless, my Mac mini acting as server, and a printer hanging off that. What would like to do is position an Ethernet switch near the Mac mini to add more hardware. However, if I connect the Mac mini to the switch via cable, I end up with two separate networks with their own IP address ranges. Is there a piece of software that will run on the mini that will bridge between the wireless-connected network and the Ethernet-connected network so that I end up with one singe network? Or is there a MacOS configuration that I can set up to do that? I may have the terminology wrong: networks are not my strong point. But basically the mini is sitting there connected to my main LAN, and I would like to hang a LAN extension of it via the Ethernet port. Thanks.