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Thank you Patrick for the prod. I have taken and printed screen shots of the mail settings for both our macs and filed them in my "Setup" file. A very good piece of advice.

Well, I hope they will be useful in the years to come if and when needed, and I had done the same thing some years ago.

My smugness disappeared however when I went to use them after an e-mail account suddenly wouldn't let me send any message not too long ago and I had to rely on contacting my ISP who took quite a while to figure out what was going on and why.

It seems my ISP sub contracted an old grandfathered E-mail account I still use to some different server and they had changed the settings needed. I also discovered I needed different settings on my mobile Mac depending whether I was connected to my ISPs router at home, and different settings if I was connecting from some other source away from home.

Anyway, mostly sorted out and working.

- Patrick