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    Help me set up my first home network
    I bought my first home recently, and about two weeks out from officially moving in. With my first home comes a need for my first self-constructed network; connecting everything together is easy enough - getting it all operating at maximum potential is another. It's not my niche, so i'm hoping you guys can help.

    A summary of parts:
    - VDSL2 internet connection.
    - TP-Link Archer VR900 AC1900 dual-band modem/router.
    - 2012 Mac Mini, used primarily as a Pro Tools production machine. Secondarily used as a home-office computer.
    - I also have an external hard drive attached to the Mac Mini, and I would like this HD to be accessible network wide.
    - MacBook Pro and iPhone.
    - other wifi network attached stuff (TV, security system, robovac, etc).

    - to make use of the router's dual band capacity.
    - just to have a network operating at maximum potential.
    - and preferable, but not essential - one network for me and my stuff, another network for household guests.

    If anybody can help me to configure this setup to best effect, I would be greatly appreciative.

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    Rather than re-writing some of the instructions already written, just do some websearches and you may need to get specific with some variables, but you could start here using your own subject:

    - Patrick

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