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    Replacing an Airport Extreme router creating a guest network by a new router
    Hello. My ISP will soon increase the allowable data rate in my home, from 2 Mb/s to about 10 to 20 Mb/s, via ADSL. To benefit from that, and among other reasons to get TV via a new Apple TV on the ground floor, I have restructured my home cabling and moved the ADSL modem from the attic, where it was, to the basement, where the ADSL copper pair entry point is located. I used an Airport Extreme wifi router in the attic, at the LAN port of my ADSL modem-router, configured as a second router (double NATting) to create a normal network and a guest network and provide wifi signal for all to the attic. Together with the modem-router, I moved it, unchanged, to the basement. I then set a couple of CPL in the basement and the attic to carry ethernet signal and installed on the attic my Time Capsule, configured as a bridge to deliver by Wifi to all in the attic the main network and the guest network.

    I know double Natting (two routers one behind the other) is a "NO-NO" for some, with no obvious reasons. I could have avoided it by configuring my modem-router (which I own and is off-limit to my ISP) as a bridge. I did not do it. I wanted easy access from my iPad to the modem-route's ADSL stats and use the modem-router's firewall to stealth all incoming ports, which I believe would not have been feasible if my modem was in bridge mode.

    As it is, this works fine with my 2 Mb/s data rate, including the CPL couple which passes over 300 Mb/s if required.

    Indeed, the TV can benefit from a 15 Mb/s data rate. At 2 Mb/s, it is not worth any effort. At 15 mb/s, a better coverage of my ground floor could be of use. Also, the Airport Extreme wifi signal, coming from the basement, is unusable anywhere in the house and the wifi signal on the ground floor, where the TV is located, is weak. To do that, I would like to install another CPL at the ground floor to receive ethernet signal from the basement CPL, move this Airport Extreme from the basement to the ground floor, where the TV is located and configure it as a bridge wifi access point. A new Apple TV feeding the TV set would be connected to it by ethernet or short range wifi.

    This would leave me one router short, so I believe I need one additional router, able to deliver a guest network, without any need for wifi capability.

    Once I have done that, I would add to it a third separate network, comparable to the Airport Extreme guest network (internet access, and no more) for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

    I believe this network separation can be done by VLAN tagging on routers having such capabilities, such as the Airport Extreme. The main network would remain untagged, while both the guest network and the IoT network would be tagged and carefully stripped of any permission to share resources of the main network.

    I do not do Linux and do not use terminal commands. I do not do Windows either and do not have at home any old or new Windows box. Any router I use would need to be sold as a device, configurable through its web interface.

    After much exploration on the internet, I came out with two options:

    1 - Buy a Ubiquity EdgeRouter X with no training ( and attempt to configure it the way I want (a $50 solution); or

    2 - Enter the pfSense router tribe and buy the Netgate SG-1000 microFirewall with a EU plug from Netgate ( with 1 year of pfSense router training (a $150 solution).

    I am not sure I am actually capable to do that and, for that reason, favor the training provided by the pfSense tribe.

    Does that make sense ?

    Any suggestions (even wild) ?

    Alternatives ?

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