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    Cell Phone
    Ok, I'm looking for a cell phone plan that only charges me my the minutes used. Not also by a time
    restraint. I'm about to lose $30 at ATT because some time frame ran out yesterday, I did not even know
    there was a time period to use my minutes... How idiotic to sell a minute plan then have a time limit on it.


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    Don't know what is available in the US but in the UK we have 'pay as you go' deals on both phones and SIM cards. It does what it says and you get a bill at the end of the month. You usually decide a cap on expenditure.

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    All plans in the US come in the minutes-by-month variety or unlimited for the month. AT&T, for a long time, for those customers who choose the smaller minutes per month plan has rolled over any unused minutes for a certain period of time. Once that time elapses those rolled over minutes are taken off your account. This is less of a problem now since almost everyone opts for the unlimited talk/text plans with an appropriate data package to suit your needs..

    So EVERY plans "charges" you for the minutes you use, but for a lot of us that number is useless since we can talk for an unlimited number of minutes..

    Be careful to read ALL the documentation that is provided when you sign up for a plan, because it's actually fraud to claim one thing and do something else and the FCC doesn't look kindly on companies that falsely advertise. To that end, every little nuance of your carrier plan is detailed in the fine print..
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    Ok, I'm looking for a cell phone plan that only charges me my the minutes used. Not also by a time restraint.
    Sue gave you the answer in her post #2. Most of use use an unlimited talk and text plan as indicated by our moderator in post #3. So... the choice is yours.

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