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    "Selective" Internet Connectivity
    I've looked around to see if this problem has already been addressed and didn't find anything, so I apologise if it has.

    Here's my setup:

    NTL Cable Modem connected via Ethernet to Airport Express, which also has powered speakers and a USB printer (though that shouldn't affect this)

    iBook connects wirelessly via airport
    Desktop PC connects wirelessly via 802.11g PCI card

    My Internet connection disappeared earlier today, and I only got it back after hard-rebooting the airport express station. Although that has restored my Internet connection, I'm having a lot of problems. Namely, on the iBook:

    Google won't load. If I try to visit my Google personal homepage, it routes from to the long authentication URL, then stops. If I visit, it loads. If I visit, it redirects me to my personal homepage and behaves as above.

    Skype won't connect. It logs me in and shows all my contacts as offline, and shows my status as offline too. If I try and change it to "online", it flashes green for a split second, then goes back to offline.

    Adium won't connect. It doesn't even get as far as opening the contact list - it just sits there, trying to connect.

    Yahoo! Messenger won't load. It tries to sign me in and gets nowhere.

    Mail can't connect to any servers (2 POP and 1 IMAP).

    All other websites seem to work without problem.

    On the PC:

    Google behaves as above.

    Trillian claims to be connected, but shoes all my contacts as offline.

    Google Desktop can't connect to AuctionWatch, Email or Google Talk.

    Skype loads, then gets stuck at "Connecting".

    Yahoo! Messenger behaves as above.

    All other websites seem to work without problem.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I've done the usual reboot modem, reboot router, cross fingers and try again, but nothing changed. It's driving me nuts

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    If you go directly from the cable modem to the Mac (or PC) what is the result?

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    I called my cable provider last night and apparently it was a known fault on their end. It had resolved itself by this morning, so panic over!

    Thanks for the offer of help, though - it's appreciated

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