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Thread: Connecting to Windows 2000

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    Connecting to Windows 2000

    I am totally new to's the reason, why I am not shure, where to post my question. Since I can post anything in this section here, I post here:

    I have connected a Mac (OSX) and a Windows 2000 PC to a LAN-Switch, for sharing files on both computers. I can easily do the job by accessing the Mac from the Windows PC. But by connecting from the Mac to the PC from the Finder "connect to Server", I get the error 36 (problems during read / write). I have configured fixed IP-Adresses within the same sub-net, and the workgroup is also the same one. There is no firewall installed on the Windows PC.
    Why can I just connect from the Windows PC, but not from the Mac-Device?

    Thanks for your hint.


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    Is the W2K PC service Pack 4? Is the W2K PC sharing anything? There are no default shares on W2K, only admin shares like C$.





    when asked for credentials use pcname\pcusername and password

    *note: it might be pcname/pcusername and password

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