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    Wireless Network Help
    Hi everyone,

    this is my first post on here so i am not too sure that it's in the right part of the forum so sorry if it's not :mac:

    i have an e mac with OSX 10.4 (tiger). i recently got a Netgear DG834GT router and with a bit of trouble finally got that up and running. I also got a WG111T wireless usb receiver as i planned on having the router downstairs with my mac upstairs. but when i try to use the softwear for the receiver it does not work, so i check out the netgear website and it said that it was not compatible with mac (not what the guy at dixons said).

    so my question is this, is there a mac driver i can get for this or can you recommend me a wireless receiver without breaking the bank.


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    word to wise, inspect the box or research any hardware or programs for mac compatibility. if it does not say so, more than likely it is not.

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