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    Sharing iCal through iCloud
    I just upgraded to Lion so that I could use iCloud in order to view my bosses iCal and Address Book (among other things). She and I are both running Lion. She has both an iMac, iPad and Mac Book Pro. I have a MacBook and a MacBook Pro. All are running Lion as I stated before. I need to be able to view (and change) her iCal and view her address book. Can anyone tell me how this is to be done via iCloud? Much thanks!

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    Odd that this interesting question has not drawn an answer. This is an important workplace function. Ours uses a Windows program that allows for delegating proxy accesss. I did find these:

    OS X Lion Server Help: Manage shared calendars
    TidBITS Networking:
    MacMost Forum | How Do I Use iCal To Allow My Staff and I To Share Calendars but Not Have My Alarms Going Off On Their iMacs?
    Sharing calendars with others through iCloud
    Check out that last link from BusyCal. I use BC on my iMac and really like it, but I have never used it in a shared environment. BC syncs seamlessly with iCal and my iCloud calendar.

    This might have potential too:
    Apple iCloud: Share Public and Private Calendars

    But maybe somebody can write from experience.
    Longtime Windows, then onto slippery slope with iPod/iTunes in 2006, then Apple TV, iPad, iMac, iPhone, rejuvenated a discarded MacBook and, finally, Apple Watch. Happy camper.

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