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    Complex Home Network Setup

    I've got a bit of an intricate problem, and I need a solution.

    So, basically, I have a DSL modem connected to a Belkin wireless router. All this works fine, no connection problems or anything. I connect to this wireless network on my Macbook running OSX 10.5.8. However, I need to get internet access on a large, extremely stationary Windows 7 desktop. The problem is, I can't hardwire the desktop to the router, and it doesn't have a wireless card, and I can't buy one (or an adapter.) However, I wondered if there was a way to take my Macbook (connected via wifi network), connect it to the desktop with an ethernet cable, and somehow route the network connection through my laptop.

    My laptop is a quad-booting monster, so I have access to Windows XP, OSX, Gentoo and BT5.

    Previous attempts: I was told to try to set up "Internet Sharing" in Windows. However, my attempts failed, and I found out this is because the entire concept doesn't work when there's a router involved (it's a throwback from the days of dial-up connections.)

    Ideas and advice are welcome.

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    Internet sharing is generally a big bag of hurt. It's really meant to be a stop gap solution in situations where you need a temporary connection. I guess my question is why you can't buy a wireless adapter for your desktop machine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    I guess my question is why you can't buy a wireless adapter for your desktop machine.
    +1 on the question.
    Many cards available, all fairly cheap.
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    If you really can't get a wireless adapter for the desktop, boot into OS X, connect to the wifi network and enable internet sharing over the ethernet jack - should work fine if the desktop is configured to use DHCP over the ethernet port.

    But seriously - buy a $10 USB wifi dongle and save yourself the anguish

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    If you are near a powerplug - powerline adapters also work well. I recommend getting something that can handle steaming - unless you just want to view the internet/move data files around. Check out Netgear
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    USB Wifi should be available for all those OSes
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    As stated above, an external USB adapter would be the cheapest and easiest route. You could also get an Airport Express adapter and set your wireless network up on that, plug into power near your Windows machine and use ethernet from there.
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