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    Question Airport not remembering WEP encryption
    Hi there,

    I'm a total mac newbie, I've been using logic (v5.5) on a windows machine to produce music, finally bit the bullet and got a nice shiny second hand macbook pro (2Ghz core duo, 2GB ram, 80GB HD) to run logic 8.

    Everything's great, except the airport wireless card won't remember the WEP encryption code.
    If I let the macbook sleep. or shut it down it forgets the settings. I have the "remember in keychain" option ticked, but it doesn't make any difference.
    When I start the computer again it can't access the internet, until I put the WEP key in again.

    Anyone any ideas? I've been trying to sort it out for 3 days now with no success.
    I wouldn't say I'm a interweb wizz or anything, but I've set up my own home network and have a windows machine, squeezebox boom and nintendo Wii running very smoothly without any problems (all wireless).
    I'm hoping it's something obvious about macs that I'm not aware of.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes,


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    Simple solution: Log into your router and switch WEP encryption to WPA.

    WEP was essentially replaced by WPA about 5 years ago. WPA is easier to use, more secure and provides a faster connection. Additionally, since WPA has a very specific standard for its passphrase authentication, the kinds of issues you are experiencing as essentially negated.

    Since WEP can be hacked in less than 5 minutes with readily available tools, if you're still using WEP, you might as well be running no security at all.
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    Hi there,

    thanks for that.
    we recently chnged provider, and this is the encryptin they set up.
    after all the hassle I think we're gonna have to go back to our old provider and set up the security ourselves.

    In any case, can you think of any reason why my macbook won't remember the WEP settings?

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    we're in the middle of a build, and because this Eircom crowd automated the whole process I don't have the log in details.

    I'll have to ring them and see if they can sort it out.

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    could you post what sort of setup you have at home? (I mean the router and network) this is the first time I heard of a provider setting up your home network security, if you have a wifi router at home, then there are 2 sorts of settings:
    1) what the provider sets up, this is setting the router to communicate with the provider server, this is what you don't need to concern with, just don't change it
    2) then there is the part of you securing your network with a key so that no1 in your building doesn't (easily) acces your internet connection ... this you can setup yourself by logging in to the router - it will have an ip adress which you just type into a browser - something like or - you log in there and you can set the security yourself

    or maybe I'm just rambling, in that case just ignore this post

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    nope, that makes perfect sense.

    leave it with me and I'll see what I can figure out :-)

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