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    Exact location of wireless dropout
    I recently began having problems with my wireless internet connection. I have a MacBook Pro and I use Airport Express. I have always been able to use my computer in our living room. Until recently.

    By the time I walk from my kitchen to the living room, my connection drops out. I can actually pinpoint the exact location that it drops out.

    Nothing major has happened in the house. The router didn't move, no walls were changed. Didn't get a new microwave or wireless phone.

    The only additions to the home that could possibly interact is a wireless speaker system. Which I unplugged and still no connection.

    I've check to make sure there are no other wireless networks in the neighborhood using the same channel. I've changed channels.

    My question there any connection between the place that the signal drops out and the possible culprit?

    Any other suggestions to try to see if I can solve the problem? It's driving me crazy!!

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    Most likely it's one of your neighbors who have added a new wireless router that is operating on the same channel. Log into your router's configuration web page and look under wireless settings. There should be a channel that can be changed. Try experimenting with different channels.
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    I've tried switching channels numerous times. I've also scanned for any other networks and there are none coming up.

    I'm at a loss.

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