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    A new icon has just appeared in my Launchpad called CCXProcess. I understand its from Adobe but I have no Idea what it does or if I need to get rid of it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    I wouldn't get rid of it, unless you don't use Adobe Creative Cloud (CC)?
    -- Bob --
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    Lots of people are also confused by this appearing randomly after an update. A lot of people are complaining about not being able to remove it from the Dock like the other icons (Right click->Options->Remove from Dock). So your best bet is to just ignore that icon or move it far away from everything else to avoid randomly clicking on it.

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    I'd sure take a look in Activity and see what its doing if it shows up in there and see what resources it might be using.

    You can also click the "i" icon and maybe take a look as to what it's and any files associated with might be up to. (No doubt some Adobe CS stuff as Bob mentioned.)

    - Patrick

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