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    Question Photoshop Elements
    I've downloaded Photoshop Elements 10, which took 4 hours. I restarted my computer after the d/l (Macbook Pro OSX10.7.3 2GH Intel i7 4GB Mem) I tried to open the program, but I've had the rainbow circle for at least an hour now. Is this normal? I'm new to the Mac and would appreciate any assistance. Thank you!

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    I was unaware that Adobe was selling PS Elements through direct download.

    My suggestion would be to call Adobe and let them find out what the problem is/was.

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    i'd say itīs not normal - i have the same macbook and it works just fine. quit the application and just restart your computer. adobe photoshop elements doesn't need as much RAM as the big brother so you should work properly
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    I downloaded it and it only took about 20 minutes with a new MBP 15". I would say that you have a problem somewhere.

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