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    Question facing a grave mac problem - please suggest
    I am using dhtml menu on the site:

    It is developed using dreamweaver 4.0.However Mac 0S9.0 with IE5.0 doesnt
    display the menu when i mouseover the links.

    However on the same machine when I view the
    site: (move the mouse on web or
    multimedia link)the rollover menu is shown.

    I have used the same coding for both the above pages.However it doesnt show
    in the previous page i.e

    One can view source and check coding of both the pages

    Please help


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    It looks fine in OSX in Moz1.3, IE5.0 and Safarai1.0.
    I'll check tomorrow at work on 'Classic' and let you know.

    By the way, Mac/IE5.0 is a disaster to code for… I notice your using Dreamweaver however I don't even think that even it will accommodate the IE5.0 'glitches'!


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    hye man if ur haveing problems with ur mac,
    try going to:

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    you can also go to these websites for a way to get internet and how to use it

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