OS 10.4.11 : trying to learn xhtml, all my web pages are in a root folder but there are some sub folders for web pages. Placing web pages in sub folders works, links to them okay, getting back to the home page that is not in a sub folder but is in the root folder is coded as <a href="../home.html">home</a>. The MAC even after closing, restarting keeps getting confused, thinks it needs to go to the sub folder first and can't find the home page after it's been to a web page that lives in a sub folder. There is no more than one layer of folders in the root folder, so code is good. But the MAC does not like me to change my mind and organize web page attributes, code structure is correct. Text Edit is the writing program and Rich Text is off, I am only writing in plain text. Pages are being viewed in Safari 3.0.4. Safari does show me that Mac is trying to go to the sub folder to open a page that is not stored there, nor is it being directed to go to a sub folder by the code. It's taken a day to understand it's a Mac issue. Any Ideas?