I uploaded my iWeb 08 created website to Godaddy.com, but the full path to my pages and subpages (directories and subdirectories) are not showing up correctly in the address bar. For example, when I type www.123.com and then click on a link, the address bar shows only my domain plus the page name (not the full path). Let say I have a link in my home page (www.123.com) named “Grandfather”, and this page has a link named “Father” and the “Father” page has a link named “Son”. If I click all the way down to the page named “Son” I should be able to see the full path (Absolute path) in the address bar, correct?

I should be able to see this in the address bar:

But this is what I see instead:

The same goes for every single linked page in my entire site. Did I do something fundamentally wrong when I was creating my site? How can I make the full path show up in the address bar of my website? I’ve also noticed that this happens in my published folder in my Mac, so I don’t think is an issue with my host service provider.