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gort 10-02-2004 02:11 AM

Have I neglected to setup some color option? (web/photoshop)
Ok, whenever I used to design pages with photoshop on my PC, I never had any problem with the colors saving properly and matching up with my hex colors. Whenever I've done it lately I'll get a hex color and save the image, and when loading it up in a browser the colors don't match up right. This usually happens when saving as a gif, not as much when saving as jpg. I'm not sure if I'm being specific enough, hopefully you guys can understand what I'm asking. Maybe it's defaulting to the wrong type of index in indexed color mode. I believe the mac is defaulting to exact colors, while the PC i'd use maybe.....web colors? I can't recall.

ChicoWeb 10-02-2004 01:13 PM

Couple things you should check. Make sure you are in RGB mode and not CMYK (create a new document, and at the bottom it will ask for the mode, or in the Image menu > mode > RBB), and when you save for web, check your quality. You probably want to have at least 32 to 64 colors, if not 128. It'd start there.

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