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    Jul 20, 2004
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    Check it out:
    Post any comments, its a different way of frames.

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    what program did you use to build this?
    i dont understand why you want all the content to appear in the left frame?
    you need to look at a solid background color, or implement some color scheme
    for your body text and headers, etc

    have alook at
    not the best site- but it has a color scheme, simple logo
    background, and its all clear and effective.

    as for the image, why dont you trace over it
    and have an outline of a guy lifting?

    oh you can call me an *** if this offended you,
    im a **** designer but im always trying to improve,

    you can check out the sites at
    and for creative inspiration.


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    I agree with design2.

    There are reasons why no other site in the world puts the content in the smallest frame rather than the largest frame - hard to read, looks unprofessional, can't fit as much information on the page... the list goes on. That image needs work too. Maybe you could have a look at for a related photo if you don't have your own digital camera. Stay away from clipart if you can help it, it looks kinda cheesy.

    You also need a standardized navigation system so users feel comfortable knowing they will be able to get back to the home page.

    Also, it's better just to stay away from frames, they're so 90's
    I'm in your forums, writing sentences in a grammatically acceptable manner.

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    15" Macbook Pro 2.2Ghz 2GB
    I didn't use a program, just wrote it in html, yes I need to go over, I need to fix the pic, and I will change the frames if it dosnt look good (i just thought it was diff). Thanks for responses.

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    Great site Mike
    Hi Mike,
    I just looked at your site. I like it. It is clear, easy to read, and right to the point. How did you write it? Your thread said you just used html? I am getting ready to make my own site and I want it to be similar to yours, did you have to use any program to do it, or is it all just html? I don't know html, so I guess I will have to learn?

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    HTML can be written in a text editor, just make sure you save your files as .htm or .html

    i was taught many moons ago using windows notepad then when i got heavily into the web development world i then taught my self dreamweaver, IMHO its best to learn a code before using the software - that way it makes debugging any code easier as you know what to look for - or the basics at least!

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    as much as i protest, in general people prefer Vertical Navigation to Horizontal Navigation (for site menus).

    p.s. tables are your friend. use them wisely.

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    i would suggest that you learn dreamweaver. it is pretty simple if you know html and a very good program.

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    a good site to learn html is

    thats where i learned html, then i moved on to php..

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