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    Question Switching website from windows dreamweaver to mac
    I'm switching my website from windows Dreamweaver 4.0 to Dreamweaver for MAC MX 2004. Is there a painless way to do this?

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    I've seemless switched back and forth between the Windows and Mac version of Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004. I haven't used 4.0, but I would imagine it would be just as easy.
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    spaceman uk
    As long as they are just html pages there won't be any problems as they are just html files. Apart from the fact obviously your pages might look slightly different on the mac to on the pc.

    If you can't open the files with your mac by double clicking them, open throught the menu in dreamweaver and re-save them.

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    If you are referring to your defined sites, I belive there is a tool in DW that will export and import them as well. I know when I moved Pc's I had over 100 sites saved with their ftp info, and it was a yatch to find all those stupid passwords again. At the time I hadn't found the import/export.

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