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Thread: I forget how to target main...

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    I forget how to target main...
    I used to run a website that had a frame within the main page that my links would load into when clicked on. I've found how to create the frame, and then label the links with the html to target to main, but nothing seems to be working. I'm not great with HTML so I'm having a hard time understanding, can anyone help? I would just like to have one simple frame in the middle of the area I wish to keep it, and have my links that are to the left of it (not in a frame, and would like to keep it that way) load into the box. I don't know CSS either. I guess whichever is easier would be ideal.

    Thanks guys!

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    It depends on what you named that frame, I usually name it "main" but it depends on what you named it. Like in your frame tag, for that particular frame, you should include name="insertnamehere" and then in another frame you can set it as target="insertnamehere"

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    <a href="" target="main">Mac Forums</a>

    Make sure you're iframe name is the same as what's being targeted.

    Wow, it's been ages since I've used iframes... divs ftw!

    It might help to post your HTML so we can see what's going wrong =)
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