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Thread: Guidance on Webpage for Business

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    Guidance on Webpage for Business

    I am going to be interning at a business this coming May and I want to prove my worth to the company by setting up a webpage as the current webpage is currently outdated and competing business offer a page that lists events for that week which is something I feel we should catch on with.

    I am not sure where to start however, would I use iWeb for this? Or a program similar to dreamweaver for the mac? I would also need the ability to update the page from any computer if it's possible and be windows compatible as well.

    Can someone point me in a direction for a simple way to start up a page with the basics for a business (about us, contacts etc) as well as a weekly schedule that could easily be updated by others?


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    iWeb only runs on OS X, so that isn't a good long term choice, plus it has other maintenance issues. To show a proof of concept it might be initially useful. There have been other discussions here regarding tools, but you are looking for something to edit straight text (html and css) files.

    Look into open source calendaring software as a possiblity for the weekly events.

    It is possible the company isn't interested in a new web site or is not interested in an intern working on it. So get a feel for that before waisting energy and expectation on it.

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    Google also offers a calendaring option that you can use to embed calendars on a page. It's also free with a nice interface, and is something you can setup with a generic login for multiple users to use.

    For a web design tool, you can certainly use any text editor, but you'd probably want something a little more fully featured. Dreamweaver has a (30 day?) demo, and is quite common, but there are many alternatives out there.

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    Similar to Dreamweaver?
    Id suggest actually using it.. It is (debatable) the industry standard.. Its nice to code your own sites by hand with TextEdit or Notepad but I find it much quicker to do it in dreamweaver and then weed out the bloated code..

    Probably because I like to see changes to a website as I make them.. Rather not upload each time I change the font colour

    But yea, if you can use that, and I *assume* your company will, you should be alright.

    As already stated, iWeb is only supported on OS X.. And websites come pretty much made for you, giving you very little control. So I doubt its an option.

    Good luck!

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    would also need the ability to update the page from any computer
    Adobe also produced a CMS like client called contribute. it lets non techie users update sites without having to know anything about html and CSS

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